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We are a family business that dates back to the XIX century when our ancestors produced whole cane sugar blocks in artisan mills, marketed in the region.

“Industria Panelera de Guatemala” was created with the aim of producing food derived from sugar cane with the highest quality standards, by building up a modern mill that adapts technology and traditional craftsmanship to produce instant whole cane sugar “panela” 100% natural, and others derivatives such as molasses. The marketed brand is Palena®, which is an acronym for “panela” (whole cane sugar).
The factory resides in the municipality of Teculután, Department of Zacapa at 121 km from Guatemala City on CA-9 North highway. The Zacapa region is not identified as a producer of sugar cane, since there is no sugar mill. Sugar cane is cultivated by us, allowing access to high quality raw materials, and at the same time maintain high standards under which Dulce Palena ® is manufactured.

We are a sugar cane industry by tradition.


The company’s mission statement is the production and marketing of powdered whole cane sugar, as well to offer families a healthy, 100% natural sugar, while being ecologically responsible, maintaining sustainable growth of the whole cane sugar industry and contributing to the development of the country and partners.


To be the leading powdered whole cane sugar and all sugar cane derivatives production and marketing company in Guatemala, based on technological capacity and infrastructure, offering products and high quality services to achieve customer satisfaction .